Since childhood, Adrian Rudnyk has had "extra-ordinary experiences.” While he had an interest in UFOs as a boy since the 1970s, it is his numerous conscious experiences of alien abduction and other paranormal phenomena in the 1980s and 1990s, which amplified, nurtured, and propelled his desire in understanding the nature UFOs and related phenomena. In 2004, Adrian Rudnyk went to the Roswell UFO Festival in New Mexico , and after attending a lecture by Stanton Friedman at the UFO Museum & Research Center, he approached Yvonne Smith, a hypnotherapist and abduction researcher, and asked for her contact card. Eventually he started sessions with her in 2010.

Currently, Adrian Rudnyk is a member of CERO (Close Encounters Resource Organization), a support group for abductees, founded in 1991 by Yvonne Smith. In addition, he is an occasional co-host on “The Paranormal and the Sacred”; an internet radio program hosted by Charylene McCain. He built and maintains two Web sites. One is a general Web site, which has philosophical writings on various topics – ADRIANRUDNYK.COM, and one, which is solely dedicated to ufology – UFOPHILOSOPHER.COM.