Since childhood, I have had what could be termed as "extra-ordinary experiences." These experiences heightened my curiosity of the nature of UFOs and other sorts of paranormal phenomena, and reality itself. My hope is that my philosophical training will be a productive aid when dealing with the challenges that are unique to ufology and other "extra-ordinary experiences".

In the end, I am just a person, like anyone else, who is just trying to make sense of the most important topic in current human history: UFOLOGY. Indeed, to assert that UFOs do not exist is analogous to ignoring all of the evidence, which suggests that the Earth is round. Once, one has done the proper research and analyzed the evidence, the conclusion is clear. Accordingly, to ask a question, "Do UFOs exist?" is academic. The better question is, "Why are UFOs here?" As a ufologist, this is where my attention is focused on.